Financial independence; it’s a dream for most of us to attain a degree of wealth that allows us to function without the influence of others. No loans, no unpaid bills, no mounting interest. But, ironically, it’s just about impossible to achieve this state of zen-like financial liberation without the help of an accountant.

The paper trail stemming from insurance, superannuation,  taxation, and day-to-day transactions would, for most of us, be enough to feed a printer indefinitely. Making sense of the maelstrom that is the financial world is a source of annoyance Рand even paranoia Рfor mere mortals, who are rarely single-handedly able to keep track of a constant stream of information.

In recent years, the trend of individuals¬† eschewing real estate agents to sell property independently has become increasingly prevalent. DIY-style open houses, pamphlets and auctions can work, if handled correctly and with great care. But the same principle doesn’t apply to finance, because of the sheer amount of detail and knowledge that financial management requires. To ensure that everything’s ship shape financially, you may require expert advice from corporate accountants and consultants.

We tend to only really devote thought to our finances – in a broad sense, as opposed to “do I have enough money for these sunglasses?” – once a year. At tax time. The thought of the stress associated with tax time, when all aspects of personal finance have to be evaluated, being stretched over all three hundred and sixty five days of the year is

We’re all busy enough keeping up with day-to-day life, without having to keep one eye on stock markets, legislation changes, interest rate modifications and more. Despite this wordy blog post, it really goes without saying – aligning yourself with a leading chartered accountancy firm in Australia is your best bet for achieving stress-free, long-term financial independence.

Having said this, even trying to choose an accountant is a formidable task. There are so many attributes to look for in an accountant, and priorities vary from one individual to the next – some will seek a friendly face, while others might prefer a number-crunching, socially averse individual. For the uninitiated, a reputable, reliable firm like Nexia Australia seems to be a safe option. To achieve true independence, you have to recognise that the skills and knowledge of others are often superior to your own.

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