The nationwide fit out and construction company Isis s considering changing its name in response to a slew of misdirected and ill-informed abuse. Staff have been abused and messages left by certain members of the public who are confusing the company with the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham terrorist group.

The Isis construction and fit out company has been trading under their current name for the la 25 years. They employ more than 300 staff, have offices in every state and territory and have grown to the oint where they turnover more than $500 million a year.



But since the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham terrorist organisation workers have been asked not to wear uniforms carrying the company’s brand name. Several site workers claim they have been accused of being terrorists by passers-by. One message left on the company’s office line goes, “Hey you terrorist bastards, I hope you bastards all die in Iraq, you terrorist al-Qaeda bastards, you ISIS pieces of s**t.”

Michael Barnes, ISIS chief executive manager, says he is taking the matter very seriously. Some jobs have had to be scaled back in order to ensure the safety f staff and subcontractors.

On the other side, the business is receiving advertising it just couldn’t buy. In some ways the stupidity of people confusing them with the Middle Eastern terrorist group gets them brand exposure impossible in any conventional ways.

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