US finance website MyBankTracker has reported on a survey of 200 users with a median age of 32. It seems 55 per cent of the Gen Y’ers would be prepared to have their lives filmed and broadcast as a reality show, if the price were right.

43 per cent said they wold sell up to half of their possessions if it would enable them to pay off their debts.

While a staggering 38 per cent said they would be willing join a ‘questionable’ medical study if they could thereby amortize their loans.

30 per cent said they’d even sell an body organ.

Simon Zhen, from MyBankTracker, was amazed at the lengths some students ‘said’ they would go to to pay off their student loans.

But site co-founder, Alex Matjanec, believed the survey was reflective of the changing mindset among young people. Millenials, he believes, are trying to erase their debts as quickly as they can. They have seen the Gen X’ers suffer because of stifling debts and want no part of it.

“They’d rather get rid of their debt quicker than adapting to it over time and making it part of your day to day reality,” said Mr Matjanec.

To this end he also believes younger people were putting off major life steps such as getting a mortgage or marrying because of the financial debts that attend them.

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