In a tale to revive you belief in the goodness of humans Ivica Jerkovic of Makarska in Osije-Baranja County in the Republic of Croatia has had his lost wallet returned – 14 years after it went missing!

Mr Jerkovic said his wallet was lost either at a party he attended or as he was driving his friend to hospital after the party.

Speaking to Croatian news website 24, Mr Jerkovic said the A$1,000 he had in his wallet was meant for roof repairs to his home. The money was important and he was devastated when he realised it had gone.

But on Friday he received a package through the mail. Inside the package was a box with his old wallet, all his identification, and a little more than A$1,900 cash!

“I was speechless,” said Mr Jerkovic. “I thought someone was joking with me so I went to check whether the money was real.”

It was.

Mr Jerkovic believes the money was found/ taken by someone who was at the time ‘in great financial trouble’.

Since then they have been able to recover and felt compelled to return his money – plus interest.

“I believe that this money saved him and for years he calculated how much he should return to me.

“I call on him to contact me. He is the best personal banker in Croatia one can imagine.”

Mr Jerkovic added that he felt nothing but gratitude towards the mysterious benefactor, and that he wanted to become friends.

If the thief was actually a friend, he added, they would certainly become even better friends.

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