Jeffrey Navin, 56, and his wife Jeanette, 55, have disappeared from their hometown of Easton, Fairfield County, Connecticut, after having a court case ruled against them.

The couple appeared to be living a lavish lifestyle, but disappeared after the courts ordered them to repay a debt of almost US$2.3 million to HSBC Bank.

The debt was for a mortgage on a six-bedroom property. The couple have not put a cent of their own money towards the mortgage.

In an article first reported by FOX CT, it emerged from records that the couple also owe monies to CL & P, Eversource, and close to $140,000 in overdue power bills.

The couple were frequent travellers, so their absence wasn’t noted immediately. Co-workers saw them on Tuesday, but it wasn’t until Friday family members reported them missing.

The Navins’ pick-up truck was discovered in a Westport park and ride facility 15 km away, it had been vandalised.

Tim Shaw, Chief of the Esaston Police Department said investigations are underway. Jeffrey ran a sanitation company, while Jeanette worked at Weston Intermmediate School Library.

It is likely they flew out of one of New York city’s airports.

In 2012 the couple had another property foreclosed to resolve another debt – this one filed by OCWEN Financial Corp.

The Navins sold their custom-built 4,000 square-foot home in 1994 doe $900,000. They began renting a lavish home in Easton (an area where the median income is $142,000) – double the state average.

However, according to town records, Jeffrey’s company, J & J Refuse, does not appear as one of the municipality’s vendors.

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