US based start-up Corrective Education Company is offering apprehended shoplifters an alternative to the overcrowded American judicial system.

Offenders are being offered the opportunity to avoid being put through the judicial system by paying US $320 (AUS $411) and attending an online course, run by CEC, aimed at reducing the likelihood of recidivism.

The store owner gets a US $40 kick-back for catching and referring the criminal.

To date, Slate Magazine estimates 20,000 offenders have been referred to the program. This works out to a cool profit of $7.2 million for CEC, which boasts that the course is “completely offender funded.”

For many, the opportunity to avoid a lifelong criminal history is well-worth the $320. Furthermore, say the founders, the course provides an immense relief for the already over-burdened US legal system.

However, not everyone is convinced. US civil libertarians are accusing the company of treating offenders like commodities. The CEC has hit back by saying that the US already has privatized prison systems operating in the US and thus already has this attitude towards offenders.

Australian lawyers don’t believe such an alternative to the legal system would be possible under our current laws. Senior law lecturer at University of Technology in Sydney, Ian Dobinson said, “I would think any company doing this would have to be legally approved and licensed.

“All this would have to be approved by some law or regulation. But assuming we could do this then we too could set up such a program.”

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