When many people think about successful business men and women images of Gordon Gecko and Jessica Pearson come to mind. However, a survey of successful start-up entrepreneurs reveals five unlikely traits they have in common. We list them below:

Know the image you are creating

Whether it be through the attire you choose or the personal character you develop, successful entrepreneurs are always mindful of the impression they are creating. This doesn’t always mean dressing in $5,000 suits and smoking Havana cigars. Mark zuckerburg (of Facbook) has made the relaxed Wunderkind image acceptable, and many small IT start-up leaders are using this to their advantage.

Have balance

It’s very easy to push your clients, staff, or suppliers too hard. There is a sweet spot where you can get the most out of the people around you for the longest time. Successful entrepreneurs are always pushing and always supporting. They mightn’t get it right all the time; but by showing they care about their people as well as their business they can create outstanding loyalty amongst all stakeholders.

Be Prepared

If the business world is a jungle then the Scout motto applies. Sure, there will always be instances arising that are impossible to predict and prepare for; but sensible business people cover the most likely ones. And often, that’s enough. Doing so gives them an air of dependability. They become the go-to people when others are lost.

Gina Torres, star of Suits, plays the ruthless Jessica Pearson. Image: en.wikipedia.org

Gina Torres, star of Suits, plays the ruthless Jessica Pearson. Image: en.wikipedia.org


Most CEO’s have, at some point, done most of the jobs they are responsible for – even if only briefly. This is important not only for an understanding of the people who currently occupy the position, but also for an understanding of the workflow process.

They know the numbers

In the end the lifeblood of any business is in the balance sheets. Successful business leaders have a comprehensive and current knowledge of the numbers constituting their business. It allows them to know the state of play and respond quickly to opportunities.

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