A man, identifying himself only as Mike, has called in to the London-based national radio talk show LBC to reveal what living on welfare is really like.

Presenter James O’Brien was left speechless as the man broke down telling  his story to the UK public.

“I had a job and I lost my job through redundancy,” he said.

“and you try to survive, but we lost our fault. Then the marriage broke down.”

Mike himself breaks down at this point.

“I ended up living in a tiny room … the money you get just doesn’t cover what you need, and you have to go to food banks … And sometimes I’m living off a tin of spaghetti a day.

Mike then talked about what living on benefits is really like.

“You can’t do it. It gets harder and harder,” he sobbed.

“The government don’t help you at all. You don’t know what you are going to do, and going to eat. So don’t tell me I’m taking the p*@@, cause I aint.”

O’Brien delicately tells Mike he’s not judging him, but that many in society are; that they are blaming his current circumstances on his own bad life choices.

Mike responds saying he isn’t looking for sympathy or money. But adds that he wants people in the UK to know life doesn’t turn out well for everyone.

O’Brien counters by saying he believes the current welfare benefits are adequate.

Mike says he doesn’ even own a television, that he can barely afford batteries for his radio. He tells the presenter he has been to th supermarket bins to scavenge food.

“So don’t tell me it’s adequate!”

O’Briend says nothing.

“Look at me,” Mike continues, “I’m a 35 year-old man bawling my eyes out on a phone call in a show.”

While Mike says he is desperate for someone to give him a break he refused to accept money from the talk show host.

The Twitterverse exploded across Britain upon the airing of the conversation.

Poverty in the UK. Image: en.wikipedia.org

Poverty in the UK. Image: en.wikipedia.org

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