Charges have been laid against a third man in the $100 million Commonwealth Bank fraud case.

An as yet un-named 43 year old Roville man is due to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday. He joins Robert Azia and William Jordanou in one of the largest fraud cases this nation has ever seen.

TAH_RBA_LW_240911_20120206202611112793-420x0Police will allege Robert Zaia, 49 from Melbourne, and William Jordanou, 55 are involved with the Zaia Arthur and Associates accounting firm, currently under scrutiny in the courts.

It will be alleged that Jordanou was acting as a financial adviser to the firm when multiple loans were received through the Commonwealth Bank on the surety of false documents, letters of employment and invoices.

George Defteros, the Defence council for Mr. Jordanou and Zaia, said his clients would contest the 142 charges. Both Zaia and Jordanou are to reappear in court in September, both have been released on bail.

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