Is there anything he can’t do?

Bodybuilder, movie star, politician and now motivational speaker Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to speak at a realtor’s conference in Brisbane later in March.

The coup behind signing the ‘Austrian Oak’ belongs to marketing guru Glenn Twiddle, from the Sunshine Coast. “I am such a massive fan of Arnold,” enthused Mr. Twiddle, “and I cannot believe he’s agreed to come out from LA

“It’s taken six months of talks with his agent, and his agent’s agent to secure the deal and even to get Arnie’s signature on the dotted line made it very real and I had to pinch myself.”

When asked about Arnie’s background in realestate Mr Twiddle responded with “who cares?”

“That ad campaign made fun of the fact he’d confused Australia with Austria. But it’s his personal rules for success that are legendary and have helped to propel him to great success in anything he chooses – from bodybuilding to Hollywood films and into politics.

“Arnold’s rules and philosophy can be applied to any walk of life.”

And, let’s face it, Arnold has form doing things he has no background in. He changed the ideal of masculinity though his bodybuilding, he became the highest paid Hollywood actor with the Terminator series, and he twice became governor of the world’s third largest economy. And, by all accounts, through all this he has amassed an almost incalculable portfolio of investments.

Clearly then he must be doing something right.

Mr Twiddle went on to explain Arnold’s five simple rules (even though Arnold’s website says quotes six rules):

  1. You need to have a vision, a clearly defined goal.
  2. Think big.
  3. Ignore the people who try to bring you down.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Always give back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be speaking at the Queensland Real Estate Agent’s meeting on March 17 at the new Royal International Convention Centre (at the RNA showgrounds). Tickets start at a modest $199 with VIP tickets allowing holders to meet the great man at a private after-show function.

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