has released the results of a survey on financial trustworthiness.

Their poll of 1,200 consumers found that a quarter of 18-34 year-olds have admitted to making clandestine credit card purchases.

The survey found: “Generation Y was the most untrustworthy group when it came to their credit card spending, as they were more likely to have a secret credit card or hide purchases than other age groups.

“They were also more likely to get into an argument about their credit card spending than other generations.”

Along gender lines the results were: 17 per cent of women admitted concealing credit card spending from their partners. While men followed closely at 14 per cent.

Fully 15 per cent of all those surveyed confessed to owning a secret credit card, or making purchases they didn’t reveal to their partners.

Almost all of these 15 per cent admitted their purchases were impulse-buys.

While 33 per cent of them confessed to being unable to pay off the outstanding balance on their card each month – thus incurring penalty interest rates.

Michelle Hutchinson, from, warned against clandestine credit card spending.

“When you’re in a relationship, where your spending affects someone else, keeping a secret could seem like an easier option than controlling your spending urges.

“But in reality you are potentially risking your relationship and cheating yourself out of money you could be wasting on interest charges.”

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