Researchers agree that humans carry inherent biases when it comes to beauty. Whether these biases have been socialised into us or are the product of genes still remains a matter of contention. However the biases do not.

The Atlantic newspaper reports that tall people make (on average) 2 per cent more each year for every 2.54 cm they are above 170 cm. A woman’s income each year (again on average) improves according to how blond she is – with each shade estimated to be worth the equivalent of a year of school.

However, a recent joint study between the University of California, Riverside, London Business School, and Columbia University discovered that negotiation skills in men improve with the roundness of a man’s face.

Round-faced Bert Newton. Photo:

Round-faced Bert Newton. Photo:

Sorry girls, this study only identified the negotiating skills of men and between men. However, an earlier study, conducted by the same academics, found that wider-faced men are significantly at greater risk of cheating and lying more than thinner-faced counterparts. Wider-faced men were also more likely to lead more financially successful businesses.

Academics have been at a loss to identify causes for their findings. However, a Bloomberg report quoted Michale Haselhuhn as suggesting the improved circulatory rates in men with wider faces may elicit more testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone have been linked with aggression and a sense of power – both important factors when it comes to negotiating.

Of course, wider-faced men may simply be more expressive and able to present their messages non-verbally, thereby avoiding outright confrontation. Only more studies will tell.

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