The Department of Employment has released figures damning federally funded vocational training courses. 71.3 per cent of job seekers, it found, sent to a vocational training course we still looking for work three months after completing their course.

This torpedoes the idea of that work skills and qualifications, on their own, are enough to bootstrap the unemployed into the workforce.

Luke Hartsuyker. Image:

Luke Hartsuyker. Image:

Luke Hartsuyker, the Assistant Minister for Education, used the figures to justify the need for a federal overhaul of the employment services system. With Australia’s jobless at a looming 6.1 per cent, there’s a lot to gain by making meaningful and workable improvements to the ($1.3 billion annually) system.

“The results,” said Mr Hartsuyker, “show that amount being spent on training is not translating into real jobs for job seekers.

“One of the complaints I have repeatedly heard from job seekers is that they are being sent on training for trainings’ sake.

“This is a waste of job seekers’ time and taxpayers’ money.”

Proposed changes include having job service providers more closely follow the job market. This should enable them to send job seekers to courses more relevant to those requiring employees.

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