Malaysia Airlines has posted a net loss of 576.1 million ringgit (AUD $184.26 million) for the July – September quarter, more than 53 per cent worse than the figure it had expected.

The budget blowout comes as the beleaguered airline hosts talks about a planned privatisation and fleet overhaul.

The airline’s woes really hit the big time when 239 people, mostly Chinese nations, mysteriously disappeared on March 8. They were flying en rou route to Beijing, but never made it.

A few months later, 298 people, 38 of whom were Australians, lost their lives over the Ukraine after the jet they were flying in was shot down.

To really rub salt into the wound, the airline recently posted a tweet containing a message in very poor taste: ‘Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where?”

The message was taken down after a storm of outrage. It issued an apology and hid behind the lame excuse the message was meant to inspire travellers.

Malaysia Airlines has priors for poor-taste advertising. In September it hosted a competition asking entrants to list provide their ‘bucket list’ of activities and destinations.

On the plus side, a slum in fuel prices has stemmed the flow a little. However, the airline still faces an uphill battle to enter the Chinese market, attract investors, and remain viable in the world air transport industry.

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