Incoming Federal treasurer Scott Morrison has a lot to do.

Australia’s sluggish growth rate of 2 per cent is woefully inadequate to generate profits and jobs needed to attract investment and growth. The Abbott government struggled and failed to revitalise an economy shifting from resources to ..?

The Free trade Agreement, low interest rates and low dollar are spectacularly failing to attract interest from overseas investors; so what’s the problem?

Australian businesses are embracing to changes in high-speed communication and workplace flexibility, but they are being hamstrung by government red tape and archaic tax laws.

Small business is the engine room of the economy. Granted, it is at the riskier end of the spectrum; but the rewards for those who succeed (and the country as a whole) are enormous.

The prosperity of small businesses contributes significantly to the wealth country. It does this through taxes, attracting overseas investment, and domestic job creation. But it can’t take all these risks alone.

Small business entities are pleading with Scott Morrison to streamline the out-dated regulatory and taxation systems costing and hampering small business growth in this country. Moreover, they are urging the new Federal Treasurer to recognise and support small businesses so that the small business sector can support them.

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