A Westpac Christmas Finance Report has found an improbable 72 per cent of shoppers search for better prices when looking at in-store Christmas items. The surveyed shoppers would wander a department store’s aisles looking for Christmas present ideas and then go online to shop around for better prices.

Jessica Power, from Westpac, enoouraged shoppers to use all the digital tools at their disposal to get the best deals.

“A large proportion of shoppers have gone over budget and a further 21 percent don’t have a Christmas budget,: she said.

“With so many costs t cover during Christmas creating a budget to map our expense is important.”

Consumer group Choice is firmly behind the idea of on-the-spot price comparisons.

“It’s really important to price check before you purchase if you want to get the best deal,” said Tom Godfrey, from Choice.

“If you find a more competitive price elsewhere, it’s always worth asking a retailer to match it.”

Some may even beat it, regardless of whether it comes from a store down the street, across the state or even internationally. You never know if you don’t try.

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