Senator Mathias Cormann has sought to reduce pressure on his government by hosing down speculation about the cost of Budget measures not being passed into law by the Senate.

In an interview with the ABC Senator Cormann said the government always knew it would take time getting all the measures through parliament. But he believed the negotiations would be concluded well before the implementation deadlines set for most measures. The GP co-paymeent, for instances, always had a start date of July 1 2015; so the government has plenty of time to get it through.

Senator Cormann’s message comes as analysts grow uneasy at the cost of delays in passing many of the budget measures. Some warning that the price of obstructing the measures may soon begin to exceed the price of implementing them.

But a recent investigation by The Australian shows the timeframe for nearly all of the negotiations has been factored in. In fact, the largest budget cut, $7.6 billion to foreign aid, has already been passed.

But Senator Cormann was careful to remind viewers the current brinkmanship in the Senate was not a game. Threats to continue blocking the GP co-payment, deregulation to university fees and abolition of the mining tax could have significant detrimental effects on the economy. And anything that affects the economy affects those who live in it.

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