The Australian newspaper has reported on a secret deal to control more than $1 trillion in halal certification. The clandestine deal was struck by Muslim leaders in Mecca last year.

The idea was supposedly the brain-child of Saudi-born ultra-orthodox Wahhabi leader Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen at-Turki, the ‘honorary president’ of the  Muslim World League’.

Last year at, Mecca, he brought together a range of high-profile Muslim figures to carve up the rights to the Halal certification money-spinner.

Signatories in attendance were: Hafez Kassem – of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Shafiq Kahan – Australia’s Mr Saudi, Sheik Omar El-Banna – a hard line preacher, and Australian Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.

“The federation shall seek to set up an Islamic investment fund to invest in good-return projects, especially in the area of halal foods of all kinds, as well as investing in the establishment of an Islamic abattoir,” says the agreement.

However, there are rumours circulating that up to 70 per cent of the investment fund profits may be distributed among the various signatories (and their groups)). The other 30 per cent would find its way to the World Muslim League, currently funded by the Saudi regime.

The Grand Mufti has apparently signed the agreement as representative of his own centre, not in the capacity as representative of the Australian National Imams Council. This means the funds would go to his institution, not that of Australian Muslims.

“The intention was that a bank account would be created, a kitty, and these people would be the custodians of the fund,” one unnamed source told The Australian.

“They worked out the distribution formula and some of that money would go to the league. Whether that goes to their Australian office (in Melbourne) or back to Saudi Arabia, we do not know.”

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