Financial comparison site Mozo has set up an experiment to find out just how willing retailers are to haggle.

Two bargain-hunters were asked to shop around for various items including cars, washing machines, sunglasses, even home loans.



Between them Dion and Chard saved $3,300 in just a few hours!

And while women are generally thought to drive the hardest bargains this study found the opposite. Dion racked up discounts totally $2,100 while Charde came in with a still higly creditable $1,200.

These were the tricks they used:

  1. Always, ALWAYS ask for a discount. The worst that can happen is you get turned down. Bu you’ll never know if you never try.
  2. Try to build a relationship with the salesperson before you aske for the discount. In fact, you’re trying to do to the salesperson what they are trying to do to you.
  3. Be polite. Hard negotiation often achieved exactly the opposite of what it meant to.
  4. Do your homework. The biggest discounts were received by Dion who found cheaper  items online, printed out the advertisements, and wnet into the reatilers asking them to match or better their prices.
  5. Remember: You have the power. The salespeople want to make the sale, so let them know what they have to do to make it – know what you want and fight for it.


Major retailers, banks, anyone selling is prepared to at least consider a discount if you ask them. The money they make from a smaller mark-up is better than making no money at all.

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