Google is fast becoming the public resume used by employers. An estimated 75 per cent of HR departments have admitted being required to do Google searches on prospective job candidates.

Add to this Google searches from colleagues, clients, partners and employees and you can see how protecting the information stored about you can be very important.

Patrick Ambron CEO of BrandYourself. Image:

Patrick Ambron CEO of BrandYourself. Image:

Co-founder and CEO of BrandYourself, Patrick Ambron believes seeing a Google search results page like a resume is sensible. Any interested parties will put a lot more stick in what has been said about you that anything you might say about yourself I a personal resume.

But it’s not just those with a criminal history who need to be worried about what is written about them are far more insidious types of negative results that can do just as much damage. Patrick Ambron identifies five of the worst:

  1. Negative press releases. Ba news moves at the speed of light, because of the internet. And while users have new technology they don’t have new tastes – Bad news sells and gets remembered.
  2. Brushes with the law. Even instances in which you were completely exonerated can tinge your reputation. A name in a court proceeding is on public record for all time, so be careful of what you get caught doing.
  3. Negative online reviews. Review websites are a fast and effective way to advertise through word-of-mouth. But they can also have the opposite effect. Regardless of the facts, smear campaigns can have damaging and lasting effect on reputations.
  4. Revenge tweets, posts, pictures etc. Facebook and Twitter are public access venting rooms. While one aggrieved partner lets loose a torrent of rage everyone lese enjoys the entertainment. Lives have been ruined. And once out there it can’t be taken back. There are even websites dedicated to sharing stories about hated ex-partners – dead beat etc.

Of course the best thing you can do is avoid controversy in the first place. But this isn’t always possible.

When the worst happens and the haters start reaching out to the global community to vent their scorn speak to SEO reputation management specialists, like Lined Media. They can minimize the bad and enhance the god to be found anywhere on the net.

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