Eugene is a plump, bespectacled, middle-aged man. He’s quiet, studious and he has saved more than a dozen Australian businesses (not to mention the suppliers to those businesses). Often Eugene knows nothing about the day-to-day running about those businesses, but what he does know is equally important to their survival.

PTR Asset finance the purchase or hire of earth moving equipment

PTR Asset finance the purchase or hire of earth moving equipment

Eugene specialises in financing, with PTR Asset. PTR Asset is a business equipment financing brokerage in Perth, but they support businesses Australia-wide. What Eugene does is manage risk.

When someone mentions ‘risk’ Eugene is not the image that comes to mind. More usually it’s James Bond leaping out of a plummeting helicopter, but these ‘thrill-risks’ pale into the background when you consider what Eugene does.

For the consequences of a bad bet in Eugene’s line of work can substantially affect whole industry sectors. Let me give you an example:

A cricket ground in Perth has recently decided to branch out and use its facilities for other events. In this example they bid for and won the right to hold a Motocross event at their grounds.

So far so good.

But the staging of a Motocross event required the importing of 35 tons of dirt, from which the track is sculpted. This required the hiring of some very expensive equipment to transport the dirt and create the track. Moreover, specialist drivers, track co-ordinators, and event managers were needed. Suddenly having a few kids roaring around on motor bikes has become a substantial financial risk for the cricket board of the ground.

And this is where PTR Asset comes in. Eugene has a list of client lenders interested in supporting business ventures like this. PTR Asset are experts in organising finance for the hire of heavy equipment, but the numbers must be right.

PTR Asset create financial solutions for businesses.

PTR Asset create financial solutions for businesses.

What would be the costs involved in transporting the dirt, creating the track, staging the event? Would the expected revenue exceed these costs? It would come as no surprise that such questions can only be answered by a specialist. One can’t simply look up equipment finance products in the Yellow Pages.

And this is because enterprise relies on risk. And risk relies on trust. Lenders cannot be experts in every area to which their money is put; and so they rely on businesses like PTR Asset who are experts.

In this case, Eugene looked very carefully at what needed to be done. He consulted with event organisers, who had done their own research into the viability of the event, and worked out a proposal for the hire of the necessary equipment. He then suggested to the cricket board lenders who may be interested in backing such an enterprise.

Eugene (and PTR Asset) connects businesses with other businesses. The specialist knowledge they have makes them invaluable in getting business ventures out of the boardroom and into real life. And this is because they take an active hand in the connection – they only present what is in the best interests of the other.

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