Property-Investment-AdviceWhen it comes to property investment, every man and his dog will want to give you their advice. They’ll tell you where to buy, what to look for, and how to make a whole load of cash out of it. But these so-called pearls of wisdom aren’t always the best advice you could receive. Consider this piece of advice: property investment is easy. If anyone has ever told you that, don’t listen to them. Property investment is not easy, or a straight-forward walk in the park. Fifty per cent of those who get into property investment sell up in the first five years. Of those who keep their properties, the vast majority never ends up owning more than one or two properties. This means they don’t ever achieve the financial independence they desired. But there are also a stack of positive outcomes that stem from property investment, and that’s what we’re here to focus on. Property investment is simple, but not easy, so long as you follow a certain formula…

Property Investment Advice

Michael Yardney from Property Advisor has dropped these little gems of knowledge when it comes to property investment. He says it’s really hard to become wealthy in property if you do what everyone else is doing. While many investors chase cashflow or the next hot spot, the successful investors are building their asset base. Yardney has developed a four-stranded strategic approach that we’ve borrowed to share with you…

  1. Buy a property below its intrinsic value
  2. Buy in an area that has a long history of strong capital growth
  3. Look for a property with a twist – something unique or special or different or scarce about it
  4. Look for a property where you can manufacture capital growth through refurbishment, renovations or redevelopment.

property investment

His words of wisdom tell us a lot about property investment, and whilst he may not hold any expert title, they certainly make a lot of sense. Essentially, a lot of advice boils down to being prepared for the tight times by having a cashflow reserve to see yourself through the down times of the property cycle, or to handle unforeseen expenses. But of course, if you want the best possible expert advice on property investment, we’ve found one of those too.

Momentum Wealth is a company whose business lies in assisting their clients in the strategic selection, acquisition and management of their investment properties. They provide assistance in all aspects of property investment, from planning and financing to the research, selection and management of investment properties. Whether it’s commercial investment property you’re looking to delve into, or you’re just a first home buyer looking for advice and support, these kinds of companies are excellent at offering their knowledge in the areas you might be lacking. Seeking out property investment consultancy and services is one of the smarter moves you can make when looking into these kinds of long term commitments.

When it comes to property investment, there are an abundance of tips and tricks that people will want to share with you. Some you’ll want to take on, and others you might not jump at to begin with, but when you do your homework, seek out professional advice, and learn as you go, it can be an incredibly smart move in favour of your future.

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