Mathias Mueller, the white haired, blue eyed CEO of luxury sports car maker Porsche, has been anointed the successor to disgraced outgoing Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn.

Winterkorn tendered his resignation as it emerged up to 11 million of their diesel cars had their emissions test results altered by a ‘defeat device’ .

The consequences of this cheating scandal are yet to be fully felt around the globe; but senior members of the shaken company believe Mueller is the best chance they have of salvaging the reputation of one of the most widely recognised automotive brands in the world.

Mueller, 62, was born in East Germany. He trained as a tool maker, but later graduated in information technology.

He took the reins at VW’s sportscar maker, Porsche, in 2010. And he enjoys the full support of the group’s family shareholders.

Mueller has been waiting in the wings for a while.

During Winterkorn’s bitter feud with his one-time mentor and former supervisory board chief, Ferdinand Piech, earlier this year, there were suggestions Mueller would assume Winterkorn’s job.

Winterkorn, however, managed to stave off his opponents. The defeat device scandal, though, spelled the end.

German car manufacturers enjoy a lucrative portion of the world’s automotive sales; with Volkswagen maintaining a healthy portion among big-name peers like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and Opel.

The consequences from the emissions scandal have only just begun to be felt, with governments around the world beginning to retest vehicles and lawyers being summoned to prepare multi-million dollar fraud cases against the company.

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