Pornagraphic website PORNHUB is having trouble finding charities to accept its donations. It seems how the money was made is an issue for many charity managers – though those for whom the charity exists haven’t been asked if they care.

Mike Williams, a spokesman for PORNHUB said, “It’s an obstacle for us. The more prestigious charities won’t take our money.

As an example he cited Susan G. Komen, who, a few yeaqrs ago, refused a $106,000 donation from PORNHUB for its cancer reaseach.

The adult entertainment giant then wrote three cheques for three smaller not-for-profit organisations: Eileen stein, Jacob Fund and cancer Sucks! – each for $35,000.

PORNHUB is wallowing in money. It’s web of adult entertainment sites attracts 60 million visitors each day.

In response the company launched ‘PORNHUB Cares’ an initiative to donate money to charitable organisations. Amongst them were a testicular cancer awareness fund and Arbor Day. The Arbor day group accepted the money, but asked PORNHUB not identify itself publicly with the group.

It has also announced a $25,000 PORNHUB scholarship. The scholarship is decided upon high school marks and an essay.

But part of the point of donating is the good will it generates through publicity.

The company is also launching its own line of apparel at the New York Fashion Week.

The line is aimed at mainstream buyers and hopes to be included in the event.

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