Porn giant PORNHUB has been forced to remove its giant erection in New York’s Times Square.


The Adult empire has been campaigning ruthlessly to introduce porn into the mainstream. Its 17 x 15m billboard is only the latest in a series of slick, abrasive and sometimes confronting advertisements.

The campaign, named “safe for work” began in March. It promised the winner of its global add competition the job of creative director at the firm.



However, The posting of full frontal rampant male genitalia, in one of the busiest and best known city blocks in the world, attracted still criticism. The complaints were attributed to Doubletree Hilton hotel, near where the billboard was located.

PORNHUB had a Superbowl commercial rejected by CBS last year.

They have hired Duke University porn star Belle Knox as an intern after their enormously successful Arbor Day ‘gives America wood’ promotion, in which they promised to plant a tree for everyone who watched a certain video.

While the latest billboard ad features two hands making a heart shape with the words above it reading: ‘All you need is hand’. The ad campaign features a take-off from the Beatles hit ‘All you need is Love.’


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