Questions are being asked of former Labor Minister Peter Garrett as he changed his story about being allegedly being offered a bribe by ClubsNSW.

In a documentary by the ABC Mr Garrett accused a representative of the ClubsNSW association of giving him an envelope stuffed with money after his election to parliament.

“A representative came to me,” said Mr Garrett, “and said, ‘look, great to see you coming into politics, and we’re happy to provide some support’”.

Mr Garrett said he returned the envelope without counting the money.

“But it was hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

“I wasn’t going to accept money from them or from anyone in that way.”

But in a later interview Mr Garrett said the envelope contained not cash, but a cheque made out to his electoral office.

He added that the event took place prior to him taking office.

If this retraction is the truth then no bribery took place.

The association has strenuously denied doing anything wrong.

In a statement, ClubsNSW said they ‘unequivocally rejected the false claims’. They stressed their organisations fully declared all donations.

Out-spoken anti-pokies campaigner and Federal Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, was sceptical about Mr Garrett’s retraction. “Why would he now abandon that story and talk about there just being a cheque in an envelope? It beggars belief!” he said to the ABC.

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