The Penrith Press has published a jaw-dropping article set to be the focus of anti-gambling groups for some time to come.

Neil Taylor, 58 spent $2.4 million on poker machines between 2002 and 2013.

The bigger problem was that not all of this money was his.

Mr Taylor is alleged to have embezzle.ed $85,000 from his mother-in-law Mrs Solomon a widow and retiree, now left with nothing.

When Mrs Solomon’s husband died in 2002 she asked her son-in-law, Mr Taylor, for advice in handling his estate.

Taylor managed to get his hands on the money and gambled away a $300,000 inheritance, $500,000 superannuation payout, and $1 million lottery prize he won.

He then convinced Mrs Solomon to sell her home and had himself registered as a signatory on her account.

He began siphoning money from the account and covered his tracks by presenting Mrs Solomon with false bank statements.

When asked why he didn’t pay back the money with the proceeds of his lottery win Mr Taylor said, “Because that was my money. I won it.”

Mrs Solomon told the press she was distraught. “II never thought that a family would do such a thing to a family. I couldn’t believe it actually.

“Never trust you son-in-law. I should never have trusted him. It is terrible. What he could do was wasted, he went crooked.”

All the time Mr Taylor was spending his mother-in-law’s money he never once checked on her.

Andrew Wilkie image:

Andrew Wilkie image:

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie said on The Project in early September that Australian battlers are the ones hardest hit by gambling.

“They are the victims of a ruthless industry targeting disadvantaged areas.”

The gambling industry has successfully resisted attempts to introduce mandatory pre-commitment legislation that would limit the amount gamblers could spend. They are the ones who benefit from people like Mr Taylor.

And you can be sure they will be giving nothing of their ill-gotten gains back to Mrs Solomon.

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