Attention is turning to peer-to-peer sharing, also known as the sharing economy. With the ubiquity of the internet people are now looking online for jobs to be done.

And as the internet expands and becomes more navigable the rise of the sharing economy continues to grow.

Accommodation site, Airbnb, announced its listings have grown form 120,000 globally in 2012 to more than 800,000 today. In Australia alone, it says, listings have grown by 97%.  The internet start-up explained it this way: In Sydney 85% of hosts rent out the home they live in (with 15% renting out an investment property). These rent times are for short periods only, maybe only one night to a week. On average, says Airbnb, the typical host rents out their property for 37 nights for a return of $4500.

Since January of this year the car-sharing start-up Car Next Door, says their client base has grown from 600 to 2000. The cars being shared have grown from 45 to 120. On average the car owner earns between $400 to $500 a month.

For people who own a car they don’t often use, it’s money for jam.

All you need do is list your car on the website. Someone from the company will come out and install a GPS tracker on the car and present you with an electronic lockbox for the spare set of keys.

Car Next Door. Photo:

Car Next Door. Photo:

When someone wants to borrow your car they select it from the Car Next Door website and find its location. You receive an SMS saying your car has been booked, for how long, and a notification of the deposit. You then pass on the code to open the lockbox.

Bad lenders and borrowers are quickly weeded out. The client site keeps careful track of the experiences of both parties (Just as Ebay did in its early days of its public feedback).

Online businesses Task Rabbit and Airtasker are moving into this new field. Airtasker is now handling more than $5 million a year worth of jobs between people. These could be anything from walking the dog to delivering pizzas, setting up computers or knitting a jumper

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