Labor heavy-weights have promised not to block supply of budget funds in the Senate; but with the caveat they will refuse to back the government’s attempts to raise billions of dollars through Bill Shortenunpopular and unnecessary revenue increases and cuts.

Mr shorten said the Appropriation Bills necessary to support existing welfare and public service arrangements would be allowed to pass through the Senate without opposition. However, less popular revenue raisers , like th e$7 medical co-payment, the petrol excise fee and cuts to Family Tax Benefit B will be vigorously resisted.

No mention was made about Labour’s position on the new debt-levy on high-income earners.

Until today Labour has been accusing the Opposition of threatening to block the funding with their superior numbers in the Senate next June. The government has been pushing for Liberals to come clear on what they intend to do for the good of the Nation.

Despite growing vocal opposition to the budget Prime Minister tony Abbott told the ABC, ‘ … this is a budget which will ultimately be seen as a watershed in the life of our country.’

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