Miandad Rahim

Miandad Rahim

Late last year the safe and legal importation of Discus Fish became available. For collectors of this rare and beautiful pet this was a bonanza. Only one aquarium store in Sydney had a licence to import and distribute the fish, they still struggle to keep up with demand.

Dale, my friend at Omega Plumbing, was telling me about a collector who was obsessed with this fish. So much so he engaged Omega Plumbing to route water pipes into every room of his house that didn’t have them already. He wanted fish tanks in every bedroom, every study, the lounge room and dining room; and he was prepared to pay.

The work, Omega Plumbing, told him, wouldn’t be all that expensive. Where the cost would creep up is in their liaising with the original architect of the building. Routing pipes through walls and beneath floors would impact upon the structure of the home. It’s not something that’s done lightly or without the full facts.

Omega Plumbing spoke with the home’s designer. She was somewhat bemused by the project, but happy to provide plans allowing the plumbers to do their jobs and the client to get what he wanted.

Symphysodon_discus_Prague_2011_1‘It’s somewhat surreal routing a pipe into a bedroom,’ Dale told me. ‘I mean, why on earth would anyone want fresh running water in their bedroom? This was one of those oddities you come across only as a plumber – and you’d be surprised how many ‘one-off’ jobs like this we get. People think plumbing is all about blocked drain pipes and backed up dunnies. But people want the strangest things and we’re here to help them.’

Dale told me the client didn’t need to get a special building permit, as they feared. The job was done in a few days and the client was thrilled.

Dale saw the tanks, ‘Some of them were huge! Like almost big enough for a small shark. And there were so many of them: Two or three for each room.’ He smiled, ‘This guy must really have loved Discus Fish.’

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