Indonesia is becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world, with New Zealand joining the United States in a trade dispute with the island nation.

New Zealand has partnered with the US in taking Indonesia to the World Trade Organisation.  The two countries say Indonesia’s import restrictions on fruits, vegetables, animal products and a slew of other agricultural produce restricts free-trade and is unfair.

“These measures include a ban on poultry and certain meat products,” said Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative, “and Indonesia’s trade-restrictive import licensing regimes for horticultural products and animals and animal products.”

Both New Zealand and the YS are urging the WTO to establish a panel to examine the legality of the import restrictions.

The US has long complained about the existing laws saying they are discriminatory and protectionist.

Should these trade barriers be removed the US farmers would have unfettered access to 254 million Indonesians, and the world fourth largest economy.

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