A website launched this week aims to demystify an individual’s creditworthiness. GetCreditScore.com.au offers web-browsers the opportunity to get an idea of their credit profile.

Individuals need to provide their name, address, date of birth, email address, and driver’s license or passport number to the website. The website will retrieve the available records and compile a score reflecting that person’s credit profile. The score ranks between zero and 1200, with 749 being the Australian average.

It is estimated 80 per cent of Australians have never checked their credit history or file. Only when something goes wrong, and they are refused credit, or when a person is unsure about applying for a loan will anyone think to investigate their credit background.

GetCreditScore.com.au allows Australians to access an approximation of their credit score without needing to approach a lender. Which may be very useful when it comes time to apply for a loan; as those with strong credit ratings are in a better position – able to threaten to take their business elsewhere if important concessions are not built into the contract (Yes, you can negotiate with lenders).

Christoher Zinn. photo: twitter.com

Christoher Zinn. photo: twitter.com

Independent consumer advocate Christopher Zinn believed a great deal of confusion and ignorance still shrouded credit scores and reports. And while individual lenders assess prospective borrowers in their own way they use more-or-less the same measures.

Should you wish to go a step further any Australian is able to access their full credit report form the national credit reporting bodies Veda and Dun and Bradstreet. These are free services.

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