Glamour Mayor of Bom Jardin, in Brazil’s north east, in the state of Maranhoo, has gone into hiding after she was accused of embezzling education funds and running her town remotely.

Lidiane Leite, 25, fled the impoverished town almost as soon as she was elected mayor. Instead of governing her Bom Jardin from home she moved to the state capital Sao Luis.

“Before I was Mayor I was poor, and had a Land Rover,” said Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo of an Instagram post by Ms Leite’s.

“Now I’m in a Toyota SW4. I should have bought a better car, because thanks to God money is no longer a problem.”

Ms Leite’s social media accounts are awash with pictures of her sipping champagne at parties and nightclubs and posing with personal trainers.

Her only contact with the city council she heads has been through the WhatsApp messaging app.

But after Brazil’s federal police launched an investigation into the disappearance of funds earmarked for schools Ms Leite disappeared entirely.

A spokesman for the police told CNN she has been on the run for about 12 days.

According to CNN residents have taken to the streets to protest the corruption choking the town.

According to the BBC, Ms Leite’s name was mentioned in a federal investigation into the disappearance of $US4 million in funds set aside for schools.

The town’s education system is now in ruins with teachers not being paid.

Investigators do not believe Ms Leite’s was working alone.

Her boyfriend, Beto Rocha, is also a person of interest. He is Ms Leite’s main political advisor. He was forced to withdraw from Mayoral candidacy because of corruption allegations in 2012.

Investigators also believe other members of the local government were involved.

An international arrest warrant will be issued if she has not handed herself into authorities by today.

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