r1197379_15463046Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has rejected an efficiency review report recommending the ABC and SBS be switched from free-to-air to pay-per-view for the iView component of the broadcasters.

In the shake-up of media funding, since the Federal Budget, there has been much speculation about the fate of both television stations. Opponents to the cuts point out that the first to suffer will be the quality of the programs each station will be able to buy or produce. A lessening of quality will result in drops in audience numbers making the stations even more of a Federal funding money-pit.

Minister Cormann said the efficiency review was a ‘report to government, not a report from government.’ He refused to answer when asked if he would pay to watch catch-up TV from either of the broadcasters, even though he declared himself a regular view of both

It remains to be seen how management of the two stations will adapt to the funding changes imposed upon them. Both have already signalled their intention to cut jobs and threatened the axing of popular programs. But doing either will benefit no one.

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