The Gold Coast is living up to its reputation as a ‘sunny place for shady people’.

It has emerged that home buyers and renters are not being told their new residence has a gruesome history if that might impact on a sale.

Despite laws being introduced in 2014 enabling fines of up to $117,800 for a real estate agent ‘concealing a material fact’ many agents are doing just that.

An un-named source in the emergency services said a great concern for residents were toxins from chemical labs left behind by previous residents.

“If we go to a crime scene and someone is shot, you will find the police will pull that piece of bloody carpet out.

“With an amphetamine lab, if the product gets into the floor it will be contaminated and remain there.

“A large percentage of the crimes with amphetamines are located in public housing.

“The government has a duty of care to the tenants of those houses, but when you get into the private sphere, the police are only obliged to tell – they serve a notice on the women.”

Cleaning companies admitted being contracted by the police force to clean up the aftermath of murders and suicides. They said they rarely received work from the private sector to remove toxins left in the wake of drug labs.

“People ring up and find out the cost and they drop the phone,” said one spokesperson for a cleaning company.

“We haven’t done any meth labs, but we know amphetamines are everywhere.”

According to the Office of Fair Trading real estate agents had a duty to disclose ‘material facts’ about prospective residential purchases.

“Buyers would reasonably expect to be made aware of such history if it might affect their decision as to whether or not to purchase a property,” said a spokesman.

Antonia Mercorella, chief executive of the REIQ tried to smudge the lines by calling crime-scene homes a ‘grey area’.

REIQ best practice guidelines,” she said, “are if you are aware of information about a property witch could materially impact whether someone buys or rents it, then you should probably err on the side of caution and disclose that information.”

But that did not infer the information had to be in the sales listing.;

“Obviously some of us have a greater sensitivity to these thins,” continued Ms Mercorella.

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