Australia and Turkey have signed a treaty agreeing to the return of captured Australians destined to fight in Syria or Iraq.

The extradition arrangement covers a wide range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking. But it also contains a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering the detaining and extraditing of foreign fighters – most of who travel through Turkey enroute to joining specialist outlaw forces.

This latest MOU builds on the trade deal signed by Australia and turkey in February and further cements the ever strengthening bonds between the two nations.

The landmark bilateral agreement comes only days after Deputy Director of Cyber and Information Security at the Australian Signals Directorate, Major General Stephen Day, warned of the threat of cybercrimes posed by terrorist organisations.

Major General Day said to ABC radio that his organisation had identified 11,000 cyber-attacks on Australian facilities last year.

“It’s a lot, but we probably think that is the tip of the iceberg.’

Major General Day certainly believed it ‘entirely feasible’ terror group Islamic State was able to employ cyber warfare.

“Cyber is just another vector, just another means, but a modern one, to achieve an end that people have been trying to achieve for centuries through other means.

“It is entirely feasible that terrorist organisations could use cyber to attack a company, a power grid.”

Major General Day hosed down speculation that a large-scale attack was imminent; instead saying that Australian intelligence services were, ‘ever conscious of that possibility.”

“It’s not a straight forward thing to achieve.

“It requires a level of sophistication and resources most folks don’t have.

“What they have been doing is conducting a global reaching social media campaign to get their message out and recruit our young people.”

As hideous as it might be, a handful of foreign nationals joining terror groups are unlikely to cause anywhere near the same damage as a well-coordinated global cyber-attack. In that light one has to wonder what Australia traded away for its MOU with Turkey?

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