Unscrupulous parking fine operators are being taken to the court in ever increasing numbers as savvy consumers decide to fight parking fines. Few people realise that private parking operators have no legal authority to fine you. But they won’t tell you this. Instead they’ll issue you with a very official looking bill of demand and use words like ‘binding contract’ and ‘liquidate damages’ to intimidate customers into paying them.

But as they’ve got greedier, and increased their fines (in some cases $60 – $100) more people have decided to fight them.

Tom Godfrey, from consumer group Choice, says that as these companies are not government bodies they should not be issuing fines. He goes on to add, “It’s worth contesting any private parking fine you are given and certainly questioning the amount.”

When it comes to council car parks all hope isn’t lost either.

It’s estimated between 20 and 25 per cent of all council parking fines are successfully appealed. “It’s all about evidence,” says Mr Godfrey, “take photographs.” But also be sure the parking inspector will have taken photographs too.

“If the court finds in your favour, the fine will be withdrawn. However, if you lose the case, then you may have to pay court costs and the council’s legal costs as well as the fine itself.” So getting legal advice is good sense.

Legal aid agencies and other websites have loads of information about what to do if you think your fine is unfair or inappropriate. There even exists a phone app, ParkPatrol, where users alert each other to the location of parking inspectors.

In the end prevention is better than cure. Be aware of your car park surroundings, time limits, and restricted parking zones.

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