In an article first published by the New York Post journalist Jane Ridley exposes all about the cottage industry of selling underwear.

What’s so strange about this?

Well, the underwear has been worn.

The subject of the article, a young woman who asked not to be identified, told Ridley how she stumbled into the business of selling her worn undergarments to buyers across the US.

“It all started in January 2015, after I damaged my shoulder helping a friend move.

“I had to give up my waitress jobs (at the Cheescake factory and California Pizza Kitchen) because I could no longer hold the trays. Another waitress confided she occasionally sold her underwear for cash.

I was intrigued.

“I searched the internet and found was my best option. It’s set up so the buyer and seller can communicate under assumed names. I pay $US19 (Aus$26) per month for membership.

“My first deal went like a dream.

“A guy messaged me about a pair of panties he’d seen on my page. He wanted me to wear them for 24 hours, and to not masturbate in them (most men want you to do that).

He paid me via PayPal within 20 minutes, and I shipped the undies off in a Ziploc bag and a discreet brown envelope.

“The more info you share about yourself, the more popular your products, and the more you can charge. There’s no way I would show my face, because it’s not worth jeopardising a future career.

White panties image:

White panties image:

“I will send buyers a digital picture of myself (waist-down only) wearing the panties they’ve bought.

“I charge a fixed price of $US15 per pair of panties or pantyhose, which includes 48 hours of wear. Each additional day is an extra $55, though I’ll only go up to four days total.

“I buy my panties in bulk, at 30 US cents each. I make about $US60 per week, which helps pay my share of the utility bills.

“I’m single but if I had a steady boyfriend I’d tell him what I was doing. At the moment only my roommate knows.”

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