The Indonesian government has said it is unconcerned about proposed foreign aid cuts. Speculation about reprisals through aid cuts have been circulating since the executions of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan in the last week.

But in an interview yesterday Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir expressed his government’s ambivalence.

“As I have said, on many occasions, the Indonesia and Australia relationship is an important partnership, not only for Indonesia, but I believe for Australia.

“That’s why we want to look ahead so that we can immediately go back to increasing co-operation in many fields, whether it be security, politics, economy and culture.”

But Mr Nasir bristled over the question of aid: “Indonesia, at the moment, is no longer a country that needs aid for development.

“Nevertheless,” he wriggled, “any aid given by Australia is their effort to increase, to strengthen our partnership. And so, it’s their right to give, but Indonesia is not asking.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop very pointedly refused to rule out the option of reducing Australia’s aid contribution to Indonesia.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey could certainly use the extra funds from the $600 million aid package ($581 million in 2013/14, $605.3 million in 2014/15) to salvage his ailing budget.

According to AAP, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have been asked to produce aid scenarios that are 40 and 20 per cent of the current aid budgets.

A recent Lowy Institute poll found that:

28 per cent of Australians supported suspending Australian aid projects

42 per cent supported recalling Australia’s ambassador from Indonesia.

59 per cent preferred the government use ‘private ‘diplomatic protest’.

29 per cent insisted on trade sanctions against our northern neighbour.

Interestingly 76 per cent of respondents believed trade will (and should) continue as normal.

While 71 per cent said the executions would make no difference on whether they purchased Indonesian made goods.

63 per cent of respondents said the executions would not affect their decision to travel to Indonesia.

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