new yearThe turnover of a new year represents more than just a change in one number when writing the date on forms and documents. The dawning of a new year symbolises a fresh beginning – for individuals, relationships, family and business. Years are the method by which we measure a beginning and end. Although the moment the 31st December switches over to the 1st January is in actuality no different to any other night, the switchover of the Gregorian Calendar year means so much more than simply a new day.

The method by which we measure our time affects our mindsets in radical ways. The end of our 12-month year symbolises an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation as the next year then begins. The sense of refreshment that comes alongside a new year coincides with endless possibilities for positive change. Whether it be a personal goal to have more fun or a business goal to reach higher targets, it is vital to make the most of the new year bliss.

Corporate New Year

When it comes to a new year for a business, there are many ways the turnover can be capitalised on. Although in the middle of the Financial calendar year, the new year period is a relaxing and exciting time that is not plagued by endless tax and financial stress. The beginning of 2014 is the perfect period for bosses and employers to set new goals, increase vigour and enthusiasm within the workplace and thereby expand company revenue.

Give Employees Something to Work Towards

The closing of a year needs to feel momentous for the emergence of the new year to then be important. Throughout the year, it is important to give employees something to work towards so that they can become more motivated by having an end goal. Offering corporate awards, trophies and plaques in Sydney or giving end of year employee awards in Melbourne is a ideal way to acknowledge hard working staff and encourage other staff to follow suit in the following year. If employees know they will be rewarded for their good work ethic and their extra effort with jobs, they will be more likely to stay that little bit later or work that little bit more productively. Giving yearly Noble Awards sets a time frame for staff and allows them to approach each year with renewed vigour to work towards both the symbolic and tangible award each December. This will then drastically improve company revenue through the increase in morale and motivation.


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