Car manufacturer Holden is making more than 270 workers redundant at its assembly line in Elizabeth, South Australia. The multinational company blamed falling demand for its products for next month’s axings.

Employment numbers at the plant will be shaved from 1530 to 1260, while vehicle output will be reduced from 290 to 240 cars per day.

The redundancies are due to begin from May 25.

Sales of Holden Commodores are down 17 per cent on last year’s figures; while smaller models, like Cruze, are down 5 per cent.

However, the car industry, nationally, has posted the strongest figures on record for the first three months of 2015. So once again, it appears it is those on the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder who bear the brunt of any downturn.

“As difficult as this process is,” said Sean Poppitt (a spokesman for the fat cats still employed at the top), “the contraction of the manufacturing will happen on a sliding scale.

“One of our priorities is to not release everyone onto the job market at the same time.”

Holden has announced it will be conducting counselling services, careers seminars and computer courses for its workers outside of working hours.

“We appreciate the impact decisions like this have on employees and their families,” said a statement from Holden. “Holden is committed to supporting staff though this transition process.”

But in the same breath Holden say they are not ruling out any further redundancies.

One wonders if they actually have any idea of the damage they are causing, the lives they are ruining, with the redundancies they hand out so cavalierly.

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