Greeks are withdrawing cash from banks faster and in greater amounts than ever before.

Almost $3 billion (1.5 per cent of the total $194 billion in bank deposits) has been withdrawn in the last week. Yanis Varoufakis has said, “We are dangerously close to a state of mind which accepts an accident. I told my colleagues not to accept such thinking.”

But Greeks seem to consider the collapse of negotiations between its leaders and the EU an inevitability rather than an accident; and are preparing for it by withdrawing huge sums.

Five months of negotiations have failed, with the last emergency summit underway right now.

Without some sort of agreement a Greek default on loan repayments and an exit from the Eurozone seems unavoidable.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras believes the Eurozone needs Greece as much as Greece needs them. A Greek exit, he said, from the Eurozone would be the “beginning of the end for the Eurozone.”

And there are real fears a Greek exit could begin a chain reaction throughout financial markets of the world.

Prime minister Tsipras went on to downplay suggestions of apocalyptic scenes envisaged for a post EU Greece.

In what must surely be one of the most brazen games of brinkmanship ever Prime Minister Tsipras appeared as guest of honour at an international economic forum in Russia.

The two countries have agreed to a deal for a new gas pipeline venture and have not ruled out economic co-operation between them should Greece leave the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK finance minister George Osbourne have accepted a Greek exit as inevitable. Most EU nations have been making surreptitious preparations for an exit some time now,.

Mr Osborne said today, “In the United Kingdom we’ve taken the measures to increase our economic security so we can deal with risks like this from abroad and clearly now we must go on and complete that plan.”

The Greek Central Bank has said the country is on the verge of an ‘uncontrollable crisis’. They urged leaders to broker a deal to stabilise its economy.

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