Leaders of the 28 countries making up the European Union are growing tired of the games they say are being played by Greece.

Eurozone leaders were furious when they were summoned to an emergency meeting only to find the newly appointed Greek Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakaloto, arrive with a few notes scribbled on the back of a hotel notepad.

All 28 leaders of the European Union will meet to assess a final proposal from Greece about reforms demanded in return for further access to bailout monies. The reason for their inclusion is because a Greek exit from the Eurozone (should it happen) will affect them as well as the EU creditors.

However, Prime Minister Tsipras and Finance Minister Tsakaloto were given a bridging loan until the end of the month. This was to keep the country together ahead of a hoped-for plan acceptable to everyone.

Meanwhile the Managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, made it clear her organisation would be giving Greece no special treatment.

She told the assembled press that in addition to reforms Athens needed to seriously restructure the debt it already has.

However, Germany, Greece’s largest European creditor, has resisted all attempts to force debt restructure on Greece.

At the same time, the Greek government is buoyant after 61 per cent of their nation voted against accepting European austerity packages. The government now negotiates with the full and uncontested mandate of the people and is using this backing to force softer terms from its creditors.

The government has pledged to offer a plan offering “full and affordable market financing to meet its future funding requirements as well as (maintain a) sustainable economic and financial situation.”

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