The Greek parliament has approved Prime Minister Alex Tsipras’s new reform plan. The concessions (the third attempt to appease Greek creditors) passed with the backing of 251 of the 300 deputies called upon to vote.

However, Prime Minister Tsipras still faces opposition on several fronts.

First, the pension cuts and tax hikes in the new agreement are almost all of what the Greek people voted against in the recent referendum. 61 per cent of the Greek people voted to reject the austerity measures the parliament has just ratified. Prime Minister Tsipras himself labelled the measures ‘humiliating’ and stridently called upon the Greek people to vote against them. So he’ll need some convincing arguments to justify his change of heart and apparent betrayal of the will of his people.

Second, after six months of often tortuous negotiations and broken deals the finance ministers of the Eurozone openly admit they don’t trust the Greek delegation to live up to their promises.

“In the last months hope has been destroyed in an incredible way,” said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, “even up to just a few hors ago. Definitely we cannot trust promises (from Greek leaders).”

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem put it thus: “We are not there yet. There ios a major issue of trust – can the Greek government be trusted to do what they are promising in (the) coming weeks, months and years?”

With 80 billion euros at stake ($118.54 billion) you’d think the Greek government and people would do what they have to. But political backflips, double-speak, months of heated and pointless negotiations has everyone doubting the commitment of Athens.

The summit next Sunday in Brussels is said to be a ‘last chance’ for Greece. But even if the leaders agree to a deal the parliaments of at least eight nations will have to ratify those proposals.

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