The Greek delegation announced today it is confident of securing an agreement with creditors over terms of its next bailout package soon.

“Despite the difficulties,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday, “we hope this agreement can end uncertainty over the future of Greece and the Eurozone.”

Greece has until August 20 to access a bailout fund worth 3.4 billion euros ($A 5.04 billion) as repayment to the Eur0pean Central Bank.

But as these negotiations near their culmination the greek economy staggers ever closer to bankruptcy because of runs on the banks, strict capital controls, and an almost total abandonment of share market investors.

On Monday the Athens stock exchange posted a recxord drop upon its reopening. At one stage shares across the board had lost 4.2 per cent; but later rallied to close down 2.53 per cent.

Bank shares traded close to the maximum allowable plunge rate of 30 per cent for three consecutive days.

Everyone is hoping that an agreement over the next instalment of the bailout package will serve to alleviate investor doubts.

“All the reports I am getting,” said European Commission head Jean-Claue Juncker on Wednesday, “suggest an accord this month, preferably before the 20th.”

Prime Minister Tsipras still faces intense pressure from his own radical-left Syriza party.

More than 30 members of the Syriza party refused to approve the measures agreed to by Tsipras in two successive reforms.

Prime Minister Tsipras said Greeks had to “adapt to the new circumstances.” His decision to push ahead with austerity measures, insisted upon by creditors, against the wishes of his countrymen – as voted on in a national referendum – has angered many.

Though Tsipras still enjoys much popularity among Greeks opposition factions within his own party are gaining power.

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