NRMA President Kyle Loades has slammed the government’s decision to index petrol excise twice yearly as “the new unfair fuel tax”. Motorists would barely notice the change to begin with. However the price at the pump would increase exponentially over time. And, of course, the more you drive, the harder you will be hit.

From November 10 Australians have been paying a barely noticeable half a cent a litre tax on fuel. This was introduced as fuel prices had already slumped. But as prices begin to rise again, and as the fuel excise gets readjusted each six months, drivers will be feeling the pinch.

Depending on where and how much you drive, the annual extra cost could be as much as $255 a year by 2018. Families need to multiply this by the number of vehicles they own.



“Australian motorists already contribute handsomely to general revenue,” said Mr Loades. “And to make matters worse, even if the legislation is rejected in Parliament, it’s the oil companies who will get refunded, not the motorists who paid the tax in the first place.”

The Government still needs the Labor Opposition and Greens to endorse the excise change. They implemented it ahead of this agreement using their regulatory power.

Should they fail to get the cross-party endorsement the government could find itself in the embarrassing position of having to refund millions of dollars to already filthy rich oil companies.

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