Australia has been ranked 15th in the world for countries with a caring disposition. Data sourced from the World Bank, the United Nations and UNESCO was used along with attitudes towards equality, health, climate, culture, science, international security and world order.



The study was compiled by Simon Anhalt, an independent policy adviser in Great Britain, and called the Good Country Index.

What dragged Australia’s score down was our attitudes towards ‘international peace and security’. In these categories Australia ranked a mere 89 out of the 125 countries surveyed.

In the category of ‘planet and climate’ Australia was ranked 6th overall. Our scores, once again, dragged down by inflated per capita greenhouse emissions, hazardous waste exports and depleting biocapacity reserves.

Anholt’s was dissatisfied with finance and economics being held as the final arbiters of a country’s wellbeing. It prompted him to investigate other forms of national ‘wellness’. The result was the Good Country Index.

The main difference being that his index takes into account each country’s interaction in the global community – the impact of their policies on others. ‘Economic growth, happiness or productivity,’ he says, ‘tend to measure a country in isolation.’ And in this globalised world countries are not isolated.

Australia ranked ahead of other OECD countries.

First place was given to Ireland, ahead of Finland, Switzerland, Holland and New Zealand.

Libya was ranked last behind Iraq, Vietnam and Azerbaijan.


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