A report by the Australian Frequent Flyer (AFF) forum has found ways to game the rewards programs offered by the major supermarket chains. With just a little effort you can net huge savings while raking up travel points.

Clifford Reichlin, AFF founder, told New Corp reporters, “The real money is in the bonus offers. Make the supermarkets think you are spending less so they try to increase your spending by offering bonuses.”

This can be done in several ways:

  1. Open multiple accounts within your household and shop using each one on consecutive weeks.

“The main advantages of splitting your shopping between different accounts,” continued Mr Reichlin, “are that you’ll get far more targeted offers, and the spending targets required to take up the offers will be greatly reduced as the supermarkets think you are spending less with them.”

  1. Look out for promotions. Offers of $10 and $20 vouchers to be used within a specific
    Clifford Reichlin from the Australian Frequent Flyer forum. Photo: plus.google.com

    Clifford Reichlin from the Australian Frequent Flyer forum. Photo: plus.google.com

    time do not increase with the amount you spend in the store. A household that splits their $200 shopping bill between three accounts may attract up three $20 vouchers instead of the one.

  2. Spend less per transaction. The easiest way to do this is through multiple shopping trips. This gives the impression you are spending less and will attract promotions, such as vouchers, designed to entice you into spending more.

Multiple trips needn’t be on different days. Do one round, take your groceries to the car and go back for another. The computers recording your transactions don’t know.

The full report can be downloaded for $9.95 here:


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