employee-awardA workplace can be a little bit like a family. A good one involves communication, teamwork and encouragement, fostering maximum output from employees. A bad one often involves petty arguments, bad stress-management and overly critical bosses, which brings about a negative and bitter atmosphere.

Criticism is important in building a workplace that is efficient and growing and in ensuring that past mistakes are not repeated. But often, a more effective means of sharpening your employees is through encouragement and rewards. When you see someone staying back late to finish their work or when someone is consistently looking out for their colleagues, make sure to let them know that you have noticed the extra effort.

A great way to do this officially is through an award system. It’s kind of like the positive reinforcement teachers give in primary school but instead of getting brightly coloured stickers that say “Great Work!”, your employees will be honoured with sleek and stylish glass trophies to put on their desks.

You can also have a little bit of fun with it. Make it an annual event around Christmas. Let everyone in the office know that they have an important role in your workforce.

Here are just a few examples of awards you could give.

The Person with the Best Dad Jokes

We all pretend to hate their jokes. We mock them for importing their sense of humour from Google. But really, their jokes will always hold a special place in our half-ironically half-not laughing hearts. They make the office a happier place. They wake you up in the morning as you clutch your coffee in the office kitchen. They help lighten the mood when deadlines are looming, phones are ringing and everyone is really bloody stressed.

The Person who Gets Sh*t Done

No excuses. No complaining. Is there a huge pile of papers or a seemingly endless list of tasks? No worries, this person will get the work done by the time they said they would. This is person you turn to when you are stressed. They will make you see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will make you believe that in yourself the way they believe in you.

Most Creative

This is the person that comes up with those really left-field ideas in the conference room. It takes you a moment until you realise that their idea may just be the best thing to hit your office since that Thai food shop opened up down the road.justin-bieber

Best Fashion Sense

This person makes the drab pant suit your wearing look like a paper bag with ketchup stains on it. When they walk into the office, it almost feels like there needs to be a runway of some mainstream artist singing some mainstream song next to them.


Best Phone Call Etiquette

This genius takes “Hi, [insert company name], [insert actual person name] speaking” to a whole new level. Somehow, they’ve got even the most unhappy customer calling up to make a complaint laughing on the other end of the line.

Tech whizz

Tech whizz, we turn to you for everything. From “have you tried plugging the earphones in?” to some crazy high-tech Matrix coding, this person is always there to save the day/retrieve that lost file. 

Like a family, every person in the workforce is different. Each contributes their own special quirks to the job and each is important to the functioning as a whole. It’s time we recognise our employees for their unique role in the office.


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