Reporters have weighed-in to the Federal Treasurer and Prime Minister accusing their latest budget of failing Australian women.

Economist Peter Switzer has labelled the reforms a ‘Viagra budget’ because of its excessive focus on stimulating the economy.

“We are in need of excessive stimulation and Joe has provided it,” said Mr Switzer.

But this excessive stimulation comes at the expense of other groups, notably women, and has angered many.

On Nine’s Today program the Prime Minister was challenged by the host Karl Stefanovic to apologise to Australian women.

“You’ve delivered nothing for them,” said Mr Stefanovic. “Don’t you owe the women of Australia an apology?”

Mr Stefanovic was referring to the government’s generous paid parental leave scheme, used to win the election. Once in government, however, the scheme was scrapped leaving working age Australian women in a worse position prior to the government taking office.

“I’ve copped quite a bit of political flack on this issue,” Mr. Abbott responded. “I’ve listened, I’ve learned, and I’ve acted. And the message that came back to me, loud and clear, was that if we had to prioritise, we should prioritise better childcare.”

“It’s a hell of a turnaround from what you promised,” replied Stefanovic.

‘What I like to think we’ve delivered in this budget is job reforms for families. I am doing what I think is best, what the government thinks is best.”

Mr Abbott, however, refused to apolgise.

Treasurer Joe Hockey fared no better.

Today Show hostess Lisa Wilkinson took the Treasurer to task in a later program. She attacked the Treasurer for the government’s parsimonious allocation of $30 million to the problem of domestic violence.

In a surprising response the Treasurer admitted more money would be forthcoming, even though it hand’t been announced in the Budget.

“We have put in the Budget additional money, wheh we have not announced last night. The Prime Minister wil be saying more about that in relation to domestic violence in the next few weeks. So there’s more to come in relation to domestic violence,” said Mr Hockey.

“There’ll be further announcements from the Prime Minister and various ministers in the next few weeks. There’s consultation with the states as well. It’s a huge issue. We are very aware of it.”

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